September 20, 2023

REPORT: Developing Music Export in Europe (volume 1)

Read the latest report from EMEE – a comprehensive analysis of 29 music export organisations. 

Despite the alleged democratisation of digital technologies that allow music to be heard instantly everywhere at once, the challenge of developing a loyal audience abroad increases with the distance from one’s home territory. Developing music export capacity in Europe is a prominent topic in the music policy sphere, including the Music Moves Europe initiative, but what does it mean in practice and who is doing it in Europe?

The EMEE report, “Music Export Development in Europe” (Volume 1), authored by Virgo Sillamaa, provides a comprehensive analysis of 29 European music export organisations. It explores their organisational structures, financing models, and their role in supporting artists and music entrepreneurs in establishing international careers and businesses. The report also outlines the European Music Export Strategy, using its 6-step development path as a framework to organise the diverse range of export development activities into a cohesive whole.