August 24, 2023

REPORT PUBLICATION: Implementing Steps to Develop and Promote European Music Export

The European Commission has published the report “Implementing Steps to Develop and Promote European Music Export” setting out the practical first stages of the European Music Export Strategy (EMES), which seeks to increase music export capacity both within Europe and beyond.

This report comes as a result of the EMX project, implemented by a consortium led by MICA including EMEE and six of its members. This project sought to generate knowledge and experiment with new approaches to European music export through the pilot implementation of certain elements of the toolbox proposed in the European Music Export Strategy study. The EMX project’s activities included developing and piloting a European music export capacity building program, undertaking digital and physical trade missions, planning an incoming delegation tour, and piloting a version of a European Music Export Resource Center. The report details the results of these pilots and makes recommendations for future implementation.

The key takeaways from these activities include the continued disparity between music ecosystem development levels in European countries, the need for coordinated policies to support crossing borders both in and out of Europe, the value of pan-European actions, and the need for highly integrated activities to achieve optimal results when opening and developing new music markets. It also underlines that a European Music Export Strategy is more relevant than ever and requires the involvement of national and regional governments, as well as music sector support organisations.

The recommendations from the report are divided into three groups: immediately actionable, Middle-term and long-term recommendations focused on practical steps to work with policymakers, European Commission and funders, alongside creating resources, projects and capacity building programmes to support export on a European level.

This report is an essential resource for anyone interested in the music industry, particularly those involved in music export. The EMX project provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that exist in the European music market, and the report’s recommendations are an excellent starting point for policymakers and industry professionals alike.

Read the full report here.