International delegation tour: open call for applications – host

Please make sure you read through it carefully before filling the application form. 

1. What is this call about? 

The International Delegation Tour (or IDT) call is part of a project, funded by the European Commission, called EMX (click here to read the full press release). The EMX project’s aim is to test new strategies to develop and promote the export of European Music. Hand in hand with networks representing European music professionals, artists, musicians, authors and composers, the general objective of this work will be to experiment with different approaches to reinforce the international foothold of the EU music sector, and generate new knowledge to European music export through research and innovative pilot actions. The International Delegation Tour is one of these pilot actions.

For this call we are seeking applications from a consortium of music-related organisations from at least two different EU countries, which will organise – with our advice and financial support – a week-long event in the first half of 2022. 

The IDT will consist of an incoming delegation of 20 international (non-EU) music industry professionals visiting at least 2 EU countries and taking part in a mix of 1-1 meetings, networking events, company visits, live music with european music professionals, as well as any other activity or event that the partners would deem fit for purpose. 

Key Objectives of the International Delegation Tour:

  1. Provide European music organisations with a regional framework for collaboration in the field of music export through the programming of an incoming trade mission, which will model pilot European added value collaborative projects.
  2. Create a program of dedicated, high-value networking opportunities between EU and non-EU professionals, which matches the export interests of EU music business professionals.
  3. Help revive cross-border collaboration and create new business opportunities post Covid-19 for European music professionals. 


2. Who should apply?

First and foremost, we are looking for applicants who are genuinely interested in creating, nurturing and developing new collaborations and business opportunities for European music professionals.

Our call is open to applications from consortium of professional music organisations which are willing and able to organise and host the International Delegation Tour. Applicants must all fit the following criteria:

  • Companies/organisation must be legally registered and based in an EU country.
  • Companies/organisations must have a minimum of  2 years existence since registration. 
  • They must have previous experience running professional events for music industry professionals (trade missions, and/or networking events, conferences, roundtables, etc.).

Both not-for-profit organisations (for example, music export offices, cultural institutions and trade organisations) and commercial organisations (such as music conferences, music festivals, live music promoters, record labels, music publishing companies, music studios and various music agencies – booking, marketing, label services, consultancy) are invited to apply. A consortium mixing public and private organisations is possible.


  • Applications for this call should be made by one leading organisation, representing a consortium of music-related organisations from at least two different EU countries. In order to guarantee smooth communication between parties, the application will need to include a single named contact person from one organisation, who will correspond with the EMX team for the whole project duration from inception to final report. Budget allocated by EMX for this project will be sent to one organisation only, though internal budget movements between organisations in the consortium are possible.
  • Festivals or music conferences who apply to organise and host the International Delegation Tour would need to do so in the days ahead or post their event. The IDT cannot be a part of the main conference/festival program. It needs to exist as a stand-alone, dedicated, parallel event to the main event. The provisional budget should therefore be only about the IDT section, and not cover the whole existing event.

3. What is expected of the selected applicants?

a) What should the International Delegation Tour program include?

Selected applicants are expected to conceptualise and organise a week-long (6 full days + 2 days travel) incoming delegation tour for 20 international music professionals which will go to at least two different EU countries. The Tour will include a number of physical events and activities on the ground (see below) with a delegation of European Union music professionals.

Applications must include a specific program of their choice that fits their local music export strategy. This includes the program’s content, music industry subsectors and music genres it covers, as well as the choice of background for the international delegates invited to take part in the Tour.


We want this call – and the Tour – to be as open as possible for applicants so that they are able to use this opportunity in the best way for their needs. However, to reach our goals for this Tour and maximise opportunities for the people involved in the project, we ask that all applications include in their program/schedule all of the following elements at the minimum. Therefore, the Tour should include a minimum of 12 events in total, over the 6 days of the Tour (excluding travel days): 

  • 2 X Working brainstorming group sessions: We would like to encourage international and European music professionals to work in groups about current trends and the future of the music industry. Depending on the subjects chosen, this could be roundtable discussions, a hackathon, workshops, etc.
  • 2 X Music Tourism activities highlighting local music industry players: this could take the form of a city tour of local venues, clubs and record stores, or it could be company visits to local studios or  record labels, or other local music initiatives.
  • 2 X European music markets highlights: this form of event should put the spotlight on several European music markets and how they work. This could be a conference, panel or workshop, and should include other European countries than the Tour host countries.
  • 2 X Live music elements: this could be in the form of a private showcase whether amplified or acoustic, ticket allocation for existing concerts as part of a regular music venue programming or festival. Bands performing will need to be EU-based ones, active in their local community.
  • 2 X 1-1 bespoke networking sessions: between select EU nationals and international professionals from the delegation according to their business needs: this could include curated speed meetings, planned individual meetings, 1-1 listening sessions, etc.
  • 2 X Group networking sessions: high quality, original networking session or event between the international delegation and selected EU music professionals: this could take the form of a dinner, or group activity. We recommend applicants to suggest event types that prompt personal discussion between the different groups and encourage everyone to participate, rather than a simple cocktail party.

On top of the above 12 live elements to take place on-site in the various European countries visited, we ask that our applicants include in their program proposal:

  • 1 introductory online session: this would take place ahead of the physical tour. This session would be hosted by the hosting partners and aimed at the selected international delegates confirmed for the Tour. The goal of the session would be to introduce the hosting countries’ music markets and detail the program to come on the Tour. We recommend a panel or conference format but stay open to other suggestions by applicants.

    b) Who will be the delegates taking part in the International Delegation Tour?

International delegates

We want the International Delegation Tour to be as useful as possible to the host countries and wider regional music industry. This is why we don’t ask applicants to select international delegates from a certain country or geographical area, or for them to be a part of a certain sector of the music industry. 

What we do ask applicants to do is to explain who you are keen to have over (with a provisional/wish list of names), and why that makes sense in your overall music export strategy.

Your delegation can work across any music genre(s), from classical to metal, to folk, to techno, to hip-hop and rap, to free jazz, to commercial pop music, to roots music, to soul, to anything in between.

They can also be from any subsector(s) of the music industry: live music (including bookers, promoters, festivals), music publishing (including sync), recorded music (including labels, distributors, streaming platforms), marketing and promotion (including PRs, digital marketing professionals), music tech (including AI, VR, live streams).


We only ask for the international delegates to fit the following guidelines. They will need to be:

  • From outside of the European Union: they could be from one country, or several countries, from one or more geographical regions.
  • A diverse crowd: the delegation should be gender balanced (50/50) and reflect and champion the world’s diversity. 
  • 18 years old minimum. There is no maximum age. 
  • Current active music industry professionals: working in the sector should be their main activity and source of revenue.

Please include your target list of international delegates as part of your application using the provided template.

European Union delegates

In order to select the EU delegates that will be invited to take part in the International Delegation Tour’s program of activities, the winning applicant must launch its own open call for applications. The selection criteria will depend on the program suggested by the winning applicant for the IDT, but similar to the international delegates, we ask that the participants on the EU side are:  

  • A diverse crowd: the delegation should be gender balanced (50/50) and reflect and champion the world’s diversity. 
  • 18 years old minimum. There is no maximum age. 
  • Current active music industry professionals: working in the sector should be their main activity and source of revenue.

As our project is co-funded by the EU, all individuals beneficiaries from the IDT program must be EU passport holders based within the EU. Companies benefiting from our project should be EU registered and based legally, but the owner’s nationality is irrelevant.

c) Workload and responsibilities for the winning application 

While part-funding, support and guidance (see 4. below) will be provided by the EMX team at all stages of the project, the winning applicant is expected to manage most elements of the IDT themselves, including but not limited to:

  • Project and event management and production: program international, local travel, accommodation booking for the international delegates; local venue hire and on-site production; catering arrangements; showcase production if applicable; and all networking events preparation and production on-site. The Host is ultimately responsible for the event it organises, and should book comprehensive insurance to guarantee participants’ safety. We also recommend all bookings done by the Host to have rescheduling/cancelling options and ad-hoc insurance, should the local health situation change at short notice and leading to additional costs. Regular meetings between the applicant’s main contact person and EMX’s dedicated task team for this project will be established to measure project progress and development. 
  • Administrative Duties: the applicant will be responsible for collecting all relevant receipts and invoices in order to receive payments from EMX, in accordance with the provisional budget provided in the application. No payments will be done without relevant documentation and receipts provided. 
  • Communication: the EMX team will provide the winning applicant with our branding and communication package. They will benefit from added exposure via the networks of all the project partners, but should include their own communication plan in their application. Moreover, the communication manager of the winning applicant will have to schedule a call every two months with the EMX communication coordinator in order to update her on the project development, discussing with her the communications strategy and plan of activities to maximise the reach of the project.
  • Final Report:  the selected applicants are expected to return a full report (20 pages – a template will be provided by the EMX team at a later stage) by the 30th of June 2022 and should follow the reporting elements as follows: achievements, success factors, difficulties, lessons learned and areas for improvement.

4. What do the selected partners get out of it?

As the host and partner for the International Delegation Tour, the winning applicant will benefit from the help of the EMX team at every stage of this project, including:

a) Funding

EMX will provide the winning application with 35.000€ (VAT included) in budget, which should exclusively be used for the following expenses: 

  • International travel for the invited delegates: flexible (refundable and modifiable) return flights in 2nd class, including hold luggage, travel insurance, and airport transfers, mandatory PCR tests needed for international travel.
  • Local travel between the two neighbouring countries: these will have to be train or bus/van hire travel in order to limit the ecological impact of the Tour.
  • Accomodation (single en-suite rooms in a 3 star Hotel minimum close to the town centre or venues used for the Tour, with free unlimited wifi and breakfast included)
  • Networking event activities: venue hire, catering.

Please see the budget template for recommended allocations of budget between these different lines.


Please note that the overall Tour budget will need to be completed by the winning applicant’s own funding (from the consortium), and this should be reflected in the provisional budget as part of the application. 

We understand that music organisations in different countries don’t necessarily benefit from the same funding and budget availability. Therefore we do not ask for the partner’s share in the total budget to match the budget allocated by us.

Instead, we ask a minimum participation of 10.000€ (cash), which can be completed by additional in-kind budget (eg: venue hire, contributing staff). Please make sure the budget provided reflects this.

b) Best practice

The successful candidate will benefit from the EMX team’s extensive experience in the music export sector. From conference organisation to business trips, showcases to speed meetings, the project team has decades of combined experience in this field and will assist if and wherever the applicant expresses the need. The winning candidate will have direct access to the Task Coordinator and dedicated Task Expert throughout the process, from the application selection to post-event report delivery. Both will also be on-site during the event to supervise and ensure best practices are followed throughout the Tour. 

In addition, as part of the EMX project, our team has carried out extensive research into how the crisis has impacted music export activities and what new challenges and opportunities have emerged as a result of it. The selected candidate will have access to our studies and our final report. 

Finally, still within the framework of EMX, we are carrying out in parallel a new initiative, called the Innovation Lab, which will be a laboratory for developing new innovative tools and methods with the aim of facilitating professional exchanges between professionals in the sector. The candidate selected to carry out the International Delegation Tour will therefore finally benefit from the results of this unique laboratory.

c) Communication

The winning project will benefit from maximum exposure on EMX channels, as well as the Consortium and the Advisory Committee ones. EMX will announce the winning application and share their proposed International Delegation Tour program details on its channels. The IDT program details, news and opportunities will then be shared among its partners and members in order to reach local music professionals networks and actors through their respective social media, websites and newsletter.

Furthermore, the 25 countries represented and involved in the EMX project will share the applicant’s own open call for applications for EU participants amongst their local music sector, in their language, to reach music professionals from all EU countries.

During the project development, the winning project’s communication manager will liaise with EMX’s  communication coordinator to update her on the project, agreeing with her the key steps that would be interesting to share on the EMX channels.

The EMX communication coordinator will share with the selected applicant a press kit including promo materials (social cards, press release, and logo pack) for the announcement, indicating the date and the timing of the release on their channels to ensure effective and simultaneous dissemination. 

On the public announcement date, the EMX communication coordinator will share the press release and the promo materials with the Consortium and the EMX Advisory Committee members which will disseminate them on their channels, as well as the EMX ones, to maximise the reach of the project awareness. 

Please note that all communication regarding the International Delegation Tour must include a mention  of it being part of the wider EMX project,  and co-funded by the European Commission.

5. International delegation tour timeline

Call for applications

08.06.2021 – Call for applications open.
31.08.2021 – Call for application closes.
01.09.2021 – 14.09.2021 – Applications reviewed by the EMX team and winning application selected by jury.
16.09.2021 – Winning application contacted.
30.09.2021 – Winning application publicly announced on all EMX and applicant’s communication channels

Between the 1st January and 30th May 2022: International Delegation Tour takes place. The Tour should be 6 full days long, not including travel days for the international delegates.


  • Please note that we expect the Tour final program and all arrangements to be finalised (venue, delegates’ accommodation bookings) and communicated to us at least 8 weeks before the Tour starting date.  
  • In order to maximise the use of the allocated budget, we recommend booking international travel for the incoming international delegates at least 3 months before the event starts.


6. What is the selection criteria and process for choosing a winning application?

The EMX project team, which is made of music industry Experts from across Europe, will first review all applications and make a first selection, based on the selection criteria detailed below. The EMX team will then consult with EMX partner’s organisations and additional experts (in order to represent all music genres) to select the winning application from the shortlist of applicants. The final say in the decision process remains within the EMX project team.

We will look favourably on applicants which demonstrates or implement the following:

  • The primary assessment is based on your organisations’ motivation and willingness to help nurture and develop European music. 
  • We encourage the consortium to be made of different entities from different sectors of the music industry, and be a mix of private and public organisations.
  • We will also favour consortiums made of organisations with diverse backgrounds and diverse representatives.
  • Far reach: target international delegates which would have otherwise had very little chance to visit the host countries, and are willing to spend more time in Europe engaging with European repertoire and professionals than they would without this opportunity.
  • It’s a positive aspect if the IDT includes smaller events or lesser developed music markets to raise their profile sustainably.
  • It’s a positive criteria if the IDT helps to build sustainable structures in genres, where b2b efforts such as e.g. showcase festivals in Pop/Rock/Electronic music do hardly exist
  • It’s a positive criteria if the IDT includes more countries than the required minimum two
  • It’s a positive criteria if the IDT consortium includes younger and smaller organizations that are partnering with more experienced ones
  • The quality of the planning and budgeting of the IDT 
  • The competences of the team and organizations involved in the IDT
  • The competences of the international delegates to be invited 
  • The regional and wider European significance of the IDT program suggested
  • The coherence of the international delegates targets in relation to the industry’s current tendencies
  • The coherence of the international delegates targets in relation to their own needs in relation to the European music market
  • The originality of the IDT program suggested by the application compared to existing comparable local initiatives (if applicable)


7. The application process

Please note the application needs to be made in English.

The application is made via Google Form. You will be asked to upload documents including a provisional budget using the template provided, so make sure you have it all handy and finalised before you start the application process.

Template documents to support your application: 

Please download a copy of the templates, fill and save them then upload them with your application.

Other documents to prepare, which will be required as part of your application: 

  • Mandatory: International Delegation Tour’s program presentation (PDF or Powerpoint), including detailed schedule (make sure to include all required activities as detailed in section 3.a of this document), timeline, share of workload and responsibilities amongst consortium members. 
  • Optional: 5 min presentation video of all partners from the consortium 
  • Optional: 5 min video of the consortium’s motivation (this question can also be answered in written form, as preferred by the applicant).



Apply here 


9. Contact

If you have any questions regarding the project or application process, please email Géraldine Zanaska and Marton Naray from the EMX team at


10. Partners

Discover all EMX partners (consortium & advisory committee) by visiting this page.