Austrian Music Export is a joint initiative of the Austrian Music Information Center mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund in close cooperation with the organizers of the Austrian booths at international music trade fairs.
Austrian Music Export aims to be a service and resource center for exporters of contemporary Austrian music in all genres and aspects (recordings, live, synch, etc.). This includes providing access to information on Austrian artists and companies, building a substantial network of industry professionals and media, providing travel support and representing Austrian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals.

Czech Arts and Theatre Institute’s mission is to provide the Czech and international public with comprehensive services in the field of theatre and individual services relating to the arts (music, literature, dance, and the visual arts). They collect, process, and provide access to collectable materials relating to the theatre. They conduct research and pursue educational activities. We participate in international projects and publish specialised and scholarly literature.

EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange) is a non-profit association made up of 29 national and regional Music Export offices from 25 countries, with its registered office based in Brussels. We pull together a mix of public and private funding to support European musicians, music companies and music professionals in their export strategies. Help provided by music export offices who are part of EMEE includes funding, capacity building and training, business to business advice, international networking, business support programs and much more. Through their work, our members encourage cross border circulation, cultural diversity and economic development for music professionals and the artists they assist, while consulting, initiating and/or implementing music export policies at the National, European and Global level.

KEA European Affairs is an international policy design research centre specialised in culture and creative industries as well as sport, education and youth. Based in Brussels, KEA’s mission is to provide policy advice to make territories, organisations and people more aware of their cultural and creative resources, to unlock the potential of culture including heritage for economic and social development.

mica/music austria: mica – is the professional partner for musicians in Austria. Founded in 1994 as an independent, non-profit association, on the initiative of the Republic of Austria, the primary goals of mica – music austria are to provide information on the Austrian music scene, to support Austria-based musicians with advice and information, to promote local music at home and abroad, and to improve the conditions for music productions in Austria.

Music Finland’s clientele comprises the entire Finnish music industry, spanning across all genres and sectors. They help their clients to establish connections, present their music and grow their audiences and businesses in the international market. They facilitate information about Finnish music and the industry. Their services include consultation, networking, funding, capacity building and several tailor-made solutions to boost international success.

Its goal is to enlarge the level of distribution and promotion of Polish music, artists and recordings on foreign markets. The activity of the MExP bureau should have a direct impact on increasing the amount of money the artists receive – directly or through their societies – from overseas sales.

PRS Foundation invests in the future of music by supporting talent development and new music across the UK; enabling songwriters and composers of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world.

Established in 2017 by ATI (Arts and Theatre Institute), SoundCzech is an organisation committed to supporting the Czech music scene. It is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and works in close collaboration with dedicated industry professionals.




Leading international music consultancy based in London and Paris. Offering bespoke solutions for international development to artists, music companies and music events.

The main objective of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance is to defend and promote the rights of authors of music at the national, European and international level by any legal means.

Europe Jazz Network is a nonprofit Europe-wide association of producers, presenters and supporting organisations who specialise in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music created from a distinctly European perspective. The membership includes 156 organisations (Festivals, clubs and concert venues, independent promoters, national organisations) in 35 countries.

The European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA) provides a focused and representative point of contact to engage with professional music managers across Europe, enabling constructive dialogue with the industry and policy-makers. EMMA brings together music manager representative bodies from the UK, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Norway and Finland – with links to allied organisations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. In total, EMMA collectively represents over 800 managers across Europe, and another 600 worldwide.

Eurosonic festival is a non-profit, European artist only, 100% showcase festival and music conference. Every year, ESNS attracts over 4.000 professional delegates, including 400 international festivals, and showcases around 350 European artists for over 40.000 visitors total.

Fevis Europe is the network which brings together European specialized musical ensembles to reflect on common stakes within our various territories: taxes, funding systems, artistic diversity, instrument transportation, etc. Fevis Europe network now gathers 193 members from 14 countries.

Standing for European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers, GESAC currently comprises 33 authors’ societies from all over Europe. Together, they represent over one million creators and rightsholders – from musicians to writers, visual artists to film directors and many more, in the areas of musical, audiovisual, visual arts, and literary and dramatic works.

IAO Music is the umbrella association for national organisations representing the rights and interests of Featured Artists in the Music Industry.

IMMF is an umbrella organisation for a collaborative network of regional and national membership associations (often called MMF) of self-managed artists and managers. With member associations in over 50 countries, networking over 3,000 individual artists and their managers, IMMF connects artists and managers globally to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.

Formed in 2000 by prominent independent labels and national trade associations, IMPALA has 5,000 members from the European phonographic sector.

Live DMA is a European non-governmental network working to support and to promote the conditions of the live music sector. Live DMA network is composed of 20 members situated in 16 countries. The members are regional and national live music associations that represent more than 3000 music venues, clubs and festivals located all over Europe.

Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest music platform for the music and digital industry. The Reeperbahn Festival Conference offers industry professionals a programme that includes more than sessions, networking events, meetings, showcases, and awards shows. In 2020, the conference took place exclusively in digital form for the first time.

Founded in 1998, Yourope has evolved into the most important Association of European Festivals. Besides discussing trade topics and sharing best practices with its 90 festivals and associated members, Yourope has founded dedicated groups dealing with health & safety (YES Group), green operations (GO Group) and marketing & communication (EMAC Group).