About EMX

The EMX project, funded by the European Commission, aims at testing new strategies to develop and promote European music export. Hand in hand with networks representing European music professionals, artists, musicians, authors and composers, the general objective of this work will be to experiment with different approaches to reinforce the international foothold of the EU music sector and generate new knowledge to European music export through research and innovative pilot actions, such as:

  • An in-depth analysis on the Covid-19 impact on music export activities, on non-EU music markets and new trends and needs of the European music sector
  • A capacity-building programme for European music professionals
  • Select trade missions and international delegation tour to make collaborations easier between EU and non-EU music professionals
  • An innovation lab and a resource centre for new solutions and approaches available for European Music exporters  

The EMX research

The EMX research into the COVID-19 impact on music export activities confirmed that the total collapse of live performances caused significant losses in income for artists and creators and through that significant downturn, in several ways, also to their management teams and countless other music companies. The most significant crisis-driven innovation is taking place in the virtual live experiences sector, most importantly live streaming. However, for most artists/creators, live streaming is not yet a feasible source of revenue, albeit a useful tool for promotional and fan engagement activities. 

While the crisis hit all European countries, the different cultural policy responses and support measures made available to the music sector mean that not all will recover at an even pace. As already noted in the Study on European Music Export Strategy,  the differences in European countries in terms of how well the music sector infrastructure has developed and how well artists, creators and music companies are supported, especially in the emerging phases of their careers and business development, was already an issue before the crisis. Now that the music ecosystems have to find ways to recover, these disparities will most likely be aggravated. It seems that the effectiveness of the cultural policy responses and support made available to the music sectors in Europe will be the key defining factor in how fast artists, creators and music companies and organisations can get back on track.

Capacity Building Programme

Through the capacity building section of the EMX project, the findings researched in the in-depth analysis phase will be put to concrete use. Engaging a group of 45 industry professionals and exporters, the project will explore cutting edge strategies in music export, from new funding models to digital collaboration, mentoring and job shadowing; while also examining the challenges faced by artists from across Europe when trying to export their music worldwide. This programme will produce results looking at the most impactful methods of export for artists and the tools that export offices need to have in their own country, in order to support and develop talent abroad.

Trade Missions and International Delegation Tours

At the same time, select trade missions and international delegation tour will be organized, both on location and online, to implement the collaboration and the networking between EU and non-EU music professionals. Moreover, the International Delegation Tour will help European music organisations to collaborate in the field of music export through the programming of incoming tours, which will model pilot European added value collaborative projects. Finally, both the international trade missions and the incoming delegation tour will help revive cross-border collaboration and create new business opportunities post Covid-19 for European music professionals.

The EMX Innovation Lab

The EMX Innovation Lab is a structured process that gathers research results from the first part of the project, engages various kinds of experts from various fields and tries to generate new solutions and approaches to different music sector challenges. The Innovation Lab process is also useful to enhance and complement the trade missions and international delegations tours with digital components and tools, which will be then collected in a dedicated platform called EMX Online Hub, open to all EMX participants.

The EMX Innovation Lab also coordinates the EMX Resource Centre, a comprehensive web page housed on europeanmusic.eu, combining existing web resources, findings and results from research studies and other sources into a useful educational web platform about music export.

All these missions will be conducted over one year and a half  (2021-2022) by the consortium members (led by mica – music austria/Austrian Music Export and including EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange, Czech Arts and Theatre Institute / SoundCzech, Music Export Poland, KEA European Affairs, Music Finland, PRS Foundation and Compass Music) with the advice and contribution of the Advisory Committee, involving Live DMA, Yourope, IMPALA, GESAC, IMMF, EMMA, Europe Jazz Network, Fevis Europe, Eurosonic Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, ECSA and IAO Music. 

The final reports and results will be published by the European Commission at the end of the EMX project and then they will be available on the EMX website (http://europeanmusic.eu/).


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